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Thanks for your interest in our rental properties. In order to be qualified to rent, you need to have:


1)    An average credit score of no less than 600. (We will inquire with three credit bureau agencies.)

2)    Two months pay stubs.

3)    If you are self-employed, we need your previous year’s tax return.

4)    Pay a non-refundable application fee:

a)                          $50 for single application

b)                         $80 for two applications

c)                          $100 for three applications

5)    Recommendation letter from your previous landlord.

6)    Recommendation letter from your current employer/colleague if needed.

7)    Fill out a complete rental application.

8)    Copy of your photo ID.


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HOMELINK REALTY Property Management is a complete service residential and commercial property management  serving Philadelphia and suburbs. We give belief to real estate investors and help to build prosperity and financial security through comfortable ownership of investment real estate with our Property Management. This reliable Management allows owners to enjoy the financial benefits of cash flow, tax savings, and wealth creation. All this while it promise you will never receive a late night emergency call, deal with a lengthy eviction proceeding or ever have to interact with an irate tenant. You don’t have to worry about repair problems, invoices, inspections. You can receive these services for reasonable Management fee.($50/unit per month for Most NE Philadelphia residential unit)

Our approach to residential property management is effective in ensure both Owners and tenants requirements are exceeded always. Our management offers skilled professionals to meet the needs of your property and tenants.

Combine this with our highly experienced sales, administration and management staff and you have a reliable partnership.

Our wide-ranging and dependable services allow you the investor your freedom to do real estate business in easy and truthful way.

We can find and check prospective tenants, relieve you from the dealing with Philadelphia Housing Authority and another Government program. Tenants will receive correspondence in timely approach.

HOMELINK REALTY Property Management serving properties in South Philly, Northeast, Lower Bucks County and Montgomery county.

Our Services include but not limited by:
1. Collect rent from tenants.
2. Regular and emergency contact with Tenants.
3. Regular and emergency contact with Owners
4. Arrangement of repairs *
5. Collaboration with Philadelphia Housing Authority.
6. Payment invoices supervision.
7. Finding new tenants.
8. Organize Move in and Move out processes.
9. Utilities accounts set up conformation.

*We can assist with a request from owner. We will not supervise contractors hired by owner or some one other than our office.